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Explore thousands of images from DK’s photo library. Perfect for illustrating homework, school projects and generally being creative, you can browse our clip art by A-Z or by school subjects.


How to make a project?



When you have reached the page with the large image you want to use, you will need to copy this image to your computer. The images have been saved in JPEG format, and can be used in most applications but we recommend Microsoft Word or Quark Express.

Use the instructions below for the type of computer that you are using.

If you are using a PC

Place your cursor over the image, then click and hold the right button on your mouse. Depending on your browser, you will be able to choose an option that allows you to 'save' or 'download' the file to your disk or computer. Choose this option, and you will then be asked where you want to put the file on your computer e.g. the desktop or to a disk. Save it, and you're ready to go.

If you are using a Mac

Place your cursor over the image, hold down the 'Control' key and then click the image. Depending on your browser, you will be able to choose an option that allows you to 'save' or 'download' the file to your disk or computer. Choose this option, and you will then be asked where you want to put the file on your Mac e.g. the desktop or a disc. Save it, and you're ready to go.

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Why create a project?


Creating a project is easy and fun and allows you to input pictures and writing of your choice together into one exciting presentation.

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What is a template?


Templates are ready-made layouts that you can automatically fill up using the images and text that you choose. All you need to do is choose the layout you want for that specific page.

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What are the rules associated with using the images on our site?


YES. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page

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How can I license an image?


If you are interested in licensing any of the DK clip art for commercial use, please make a note of the picture reference and either email us your request to: or call us
or call us on 020 7010 4500

You can also search our database of commercially available images

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What happens if I close my web browser before saving my project?


When you press 'Save Project', your project will only savefor 24hrs in your browser. So make sure you 'Open in Word' or 'Download to desktop' to saveit on your computer. See below (please note, if you delete your cache/cookies, your project will not be saved).

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How can I save my project to my computer?


You must click the ‘Click to download’ button on the ‘Create a Project’ page to save your project to Word.

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How can I add more text to my pages?


We have a restriction in place for the number of letters in each area of the page for text. Once you have downloaded your project to word, you can add as much text as you like.

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Why doesn't "My Projects" work on an iPad?


You can't use "My Projects" on an iPad, this is because you need to have Flash player on the computer you are using and the iPad does not currently support Flash.

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What programs do I need to be able to make a project?


You need to have Flash player (version 9 or higher) on the computer you are using.

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What are the Terms & Conditions?


Terms and Conditions of Use

The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of images from the Dorling Kindersley Ltd Clip Art Library ("the Images") available on our website at You are entitled to use the Images for personal, home and school use only, subject to and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Accessing the Images will be regarded as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Dorling Kindersley Limited ("DK") hereby grants you a non-exclusive licence to download, copy and display the Images for your own personal, home and school use.
  2. You acknowledge that copyright in the Images shall remain at all times with DK or the existing copyright owner.
  3. You undertake to use the Images only for non-commercial and personal use and acknowledge that you shall not alter modify or change the Images or any copyright or proprietary notices in any way.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall not be entitled to supply the Images to any third party or assign or sublicense your rights hereunder.
  5. You acknowledge that DK is the owner of the DK name and logo and that you are only entitled to use these in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. You further acknowledge that your use of the DK name and logo shall enure to DK's benefit.
  6. You undertake to indemnify DK against any claim by a third party that by your failure to observe these Terms and Conditions, DK has infringed the claimant's copyright or other rights.
  7. If, having made the Images available to you, DK subsequently becomes aware that use in accordance with these Terms and Conditions may be an infringement of copyright or other rights owned by a third party, or DK wishes to withdraw the Images for any other reason, DK reserves the right to withdraw such Images from its website immediately.
  8. You shall use your best endeavours to prevent misuse or unauthorised downloading, duplicating, copying or pirating of the Images. If you become aware of any such misuse or infringement, you shall immediately inform DK and take appropriate action in consultation with DK. If you refuse or neglect to take such action in respect of such misuse or infringement, DK can take such steps as it considers necessary to deal with the matter, including without limitation bringing proceedings in joint names and you agree (at DK's cost) to provide all reasonable assistance.
  9. DK provides these Images in good faith and does no make any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, in relation to the Images. DK excludes all warranty and representations to the extent permitted by law. DK gives no guarantee that the DK Clip Art Library will always function as intended or that it will be free from infection by viruses.
  10. To the extent permitted by law, DK disclaims all liability, however it may arise, in connection with any loss and/or damage that may occur in relation to, use of, or inability to use, or action taken or refrained from being taken as a result of using, all or any part of the Images.
  11. On expiry or termination for any reason of the licence granted hereunder you will at DK's request immediately cease to use the Images and the DK logo and, at DK's option, destroy or erase all copies of the Images in your possession or control or return all such copies to DK.
  12. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and the parties hereto agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

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